Hey guys and gals, I have a 1998 jetta tdi that I'm having trouble getting started. Parked it in November when the snow dropped up here in Canada, Alberta. Tried to fire it up last week and I got nothing. No crank, only a click I could hear after a few seconds of holding the key. Sometimes i would hear like a fizz from the engine bay. Got a brand new battery, fuel filter, and replaced the glow plugs shortly before parking it. I have left the oil pan heater plugged in for awhile to heat up the block but still nothing. I took the starter out thinking it was the issue but when I brought external power to it the solenoid and starter motor both worked. But I threw it back in and nothing, even ran a wire from the power cable to the starter motor plug pins and still nothing. At this point I'm at a loss, been an amazing car up until now. Anyone have suggestions, I'm new to the forums.