I had gotten new coil overs, because the last ones on my car broke. The sway bar link broke off the strut. Well after taking out the old coil overs I realized that the new coil overs were significantly taller. I thought it was odd but continued to put the strut into the car. I had gotten the strut in the knuckle, but I can't get it to go in all the way. It's just stuck. I try and Jack it up, but when I do it doesn't slide in. And now since the control arm, axle, ect is all in place it's almost impossible to get the strut out and try and re-position it. I need help to try and get the strut into the knuckle all the way or at least get it out of the knuckle so I can figure out what's wrong. I have a 2008 Volkswagen Gti, my car was on B & G coil overs
But I had contacted them to help me get a replacement strut, but the never got back with me on anything so I just went with some cheap eBay RSK coil overs