So i just bought a 03 passat 1.8t automatic with 190k miles and after getting it home it started shuddering and the check engine light was flashing. After some research I found out it was most probably a coil pack. It was. Once I replaced the coil pack on cylinder #3 shuddering stopped so i unplugged the battery and reset the code.

Now my question is, While inspecting the spark plugs i noticed they were white at the tip, did some research and it could be the engine is running lean or something is getting too hot.

How can I figure out which? Also, What other things should I check?

Engine Oil - Seems new, Still caramel color, cant smell gas in it, isnt milky
Air Filter - Cant find it lol
Brake pads and calipers - Appear to be in good shape.
Transmission Fluid - Where can i check this?

Any other suggestions or comments welcome, This is my first VW and I love it so far