First post here. I have a 1992 vw cabriolet Wb. There is a known problem with electrical system. Airbag unhooked at some point and light comes on. Also at times oil light blinks even when full, and temp light flashes. Cooling system working properly and car goes well.(little oil burn as to be expected) recently left windows down and got a hefty soaking. Now windows not going up, and all lights flashing on dash and clicking from what sounds like multiple locations. I pulled up the carpet on drivers side which was considerably more wet, and found what I think is the heated seats relay. Unplugged the relay from the harness, and hooked the battery back up. Blinking and clicking resumed. I thought by removing it(if it was indeed the problem) the problem would go away. Anyone have any words of wisdom? Unfortunately I need to try and solve this by myself and I'm a hack mechanic.