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Thread: Knife Retreival GTG - Sat May 19th - GenStab Style

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    Knife Retreival GTG - Sat May 19th - GenStab Style

    Greetings from the past!

    I am gauging interest in a subject GTG as indicated in the title, for Sat, May 19th ~ 3pm..... Wings & Beers.
    The venue is yet to be determined, but it will be somewhere in the KW vacinity.

    Atendees for sure will be TurboABA & Kooz......... Footose and Dr.Zeus have "gotten wind" of a potential GTG in the past, but I will let them speak for themselves.

    Everyone and anyone is welcome, but the old timers are the ones I'm really after here (I hate having to introduce myself)

    - bring your own knife (unless you can still recognize yours from years ago, at which point you can just pull it out of my back)
    - leave your vagina at home..... if this happens, there will be jokes and burns at your expense, people will laugh at you or about you, your car, etc.
    - if you are an "old timer", chances are that we will discuss stupid crap we did on some Waterfest trip, etc. or potentialy bring up other funny stuff from the past. (accidents, ski trips, etc.)
    - if you can't afford your meal or drinks, stay at home (I don't plan on paying for any other WEJs)
    - if you plan on bitching about how far from your location the venue will be, don't bother showing interest (this is for you GTA peeps that can't seem to drive out of a certain radius...... Kooz is driving 500kms + for this)

    Let's see if there's any interest.
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