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Thread: Tire recommendations?

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    Tire recommendations?

    Hey all:

    So my stock tires have been worn down by, uh, spirited driving, and I'm now shopping for new rubber. My GTI is currently not chipped, but will be once I decided how much I'm spending on rubber and if I'm going to lower it this year or not. It really comes down to what it's all going to cost me (I'm getting the full APR program for the sale price). Any suggestions of what to buy, and where to get it? As it's my first car, I have yet needed to deal with such things. I know once upon a time we had a gentleman here that dealt with a lot of GenDubbers (doob I think?).

    Currently 18" Detroits, but am considering wheel upgrade as well.

    I do, occasionally, take it over 180. Being in southwestern Ontario, we get some rain, so moderate wet traction is important although I would rather and often tend to take it easy in the rain. I enjoy taking it through the twisty's on a dry day though. It's a GTI, and I drive it like one . I have great quality snows so it's purely a summer tire I'm interested in.

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