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Thread: Which 2.5L TDI Exhaust Manifolds for a 2.4L TDI Transporter Conversion

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    Question Which 2.5L TDI Exhaust Manifolds for a 2.4L TDI Transporter Conversion

    The inline 5 cyclinder 2.4L Diesel in my stock 94 Transporter, apparently can use the same exhaust and intake manifolds as the 1996 and over 2.5L TDI models of the same Van. So I am looking for a used set of 2.5L manifolds, and a Turbo unit from the same.
    My Question is: Would the exhaust manifolds out of other 2.5L TDI Models also work? IE: would be the same bolt pattern and a workable configuration? This would expand my ability to find a good used one, as Euro and Transporter Van 2.5L TDI parts are rare, but all the rest, Jettas, A6 etc are plentiful...

    Does someone know which models and years I should be hunting for? The key part is the exhaust manifold and the Turbo. The intake system, after I add an intercooler, will end up being different anyway, and I could probably just use the exisiting 2.4L intake, with some creative plumbing!
    Here is a picture of the desired Exhaust Manifold from a 2.5L TDI Transporter, with the old 2.4L manifold in the back ground. Do any other 2.5L TDI Models look similar to this?
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