Sony Ericsson T68i World Cellular Phone

Awesome Phone, Includes Infrared and Bluetooth for wirless functionality. Includes a Sony Case, Desktop Charger, and House Charger. Oh, and a keyboard for internet/SMS/MMS/Email This phone is unlocked and will work on any GSM/GPRS service provider (Fido/Rogers in Canada) I will include a brand new Fido Sim card with purchase. This phone also features a 256 color screen, and only has a few scratches, really good battery life on this thing

$175 Canadian/$180 Shipped

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Ericsson T28 World Cellular Phone

Fairly Slim Cell Phone, this is a world phone like the t68i, but is slightly smaller and more unique. Has a push button flip style cover. This will only work on Fido. I will include the phone, charger and New Fido Sim Card.

$60 Canadian/$65 Shipped

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RIM 950 4mb Blackberry Internet Edition

This is a wicked Blackberry which I purchased from the owner of Inficell (in kitchener, now out of Business). This is a Franchise Manager Edition Blackberry, which means, it has a FREE Unlimited Service Plan. So Free Email/Browsing/MSN/ICQ and such for LIFE! This is basically priceless. It includes The blackberry, Cradle, Holser and includes the newest version of software. I have all the passwords to email forwarding, settings, the original owners name and everything.

This is in Brand New Condition, not a flaw to be found.

$350 Canadian/$355 Shipped

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