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Thread: FS: MkIV RPI Front Big Brake Kit $800CDN

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    FS: MkIV RPI Front Big Brake Kit $800CDN

    This is the second version of the kit from RPI with the correct size rotors, so the pad sweeps the total rotor area. Only on the car for a total of 8 months. These brakes only saw daily driving and have at least 50% pad left. Rotors are straight and smooth. These will fit under any 17" wheel, even the OEM ones. (no need for special offsets or spacers)
    Definitely one hell of an upgrade. If I wasn't going in a different direction with my VR I would be keeping these.

    Lowered price to $800 CDN.
    (I feel this price is more than reasonable seeing as RPI now charges $1595 US + shipping for a new kit)


    Located in the north part of GTA. Can supply more pics on request, or welcome to stop by for a look. Email me with any questions of for more pics. menace@internet.look.ca


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    New Member Menace is on a distinguished road
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    Jan 2003
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