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Thread: 2007 MKV GLI clutch noise

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    2007 MKV GLI clutch noise

    2007 GLI stock 82k miles. One day last week the clutch pedal stuck halfway up but returned to normal after pressing it down again. Yesterday while starting off at the intersection just past my driveway (on an incline) there was a horrible clunking noise when I let off the clutch. Since then there's a noise whenever the clutch is depressed.
    At idle:

    The noise gets louder with the engine running faster. The clutch engages and it's driveable. It is silent when in gear and clutch pedal released.

    Any suggestion on the diagnosis?
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    release bearing?
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    Actually it turned out to be a worn crankshaft bearing that allowed too much play and after I got it to the shop it dropped into the balance shaft and locked the engine up.

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