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  1. In desperate need of someone who knows there way around turbos

    I bought a 1.8t about sixth hand. There's been work done intercooler bov installed and a lot of vacuum tunes going every which way. Some are barely connected and fallin apart with tape. I know my...
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    Rear wiper no power. Help

    The rear window with the hatch is sick and I want the wiper to work so it's legit. When I look at the fusebox I think the rear window wiper fuse is missing. If I'm reading it right. Not sure just...
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    Sticky: New to the thread I just picked up a 1.8t golf...

    New to the thread I just picked up a 1.8t golf 2001 it's got some aftermarket work. Kinda hard understanding wats going on when thrown in the middle of a work in progress I've got some questions...
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    2001 1.8t basic questions need help

    Just bought a gls 1.8t 2001 vw golf from a dealership. It's been through a couple owners and they did some upgrades at the dealership. They installed an intercooler in it and it looks legit. I can't...
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